Working Tax Credit and the conditions to apply

The good thing in Working Tax Credit is, that it’s actually absolutely versatile giving the chance for millions of people to get a little bit of extra when they are in a troublesome period and when they cannot make enough money to sustain a normal living condition. Working Tax Credit is the major part of the UK tax credit system and currently there are over 2 million people who are receiving it in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to applying all you need is to confirm or have the following:

  • National Insurance Number – it’s essential that the candidate pays their insurance in the area of the United Kingdom to be eligible for this credit.

  • Tax papers from last year – don’t forget, you can also apply if your last year’s salary is not yet below the minimum but if you have the necessary paperwork to prove that your current salary has been reduced and it currently falls under the minimum monthly wage.

  • Any paper proving that you are either currently holding a job or that you are to be employed within a few weeks’ time with the exact same conditions which are written down on the employer’s paper.

  • Any additional paperwork on any other payments and benefits you are receiving

  • Birth certificate of your child or children.

  • Medical papers proving that you are disabled or severely disabled

  • In case you are an immigrant, refugee or a foreigner who have valid papers and work permit ensuring you have the legal right to work and live in the United Kingdom. For more details call the Tax Credit helpline for more detailed information.

  • It’s important to note that one can apply for a working tax credit even if they currently reside outside the United Kingdom, especially in the area of the European Union but specific conditions may apply, therefore it’s worth calling the Tax Credit Helpline to get a more detailed information.

The whole UK Tax Credit system will join the Universal Credit System from April 2017 which will bring lots of changes to the current system, therefore it’s worth to get information about what changes are to be expected well on time. As Universal Credit is a system which is already in use in the UK, it’s important to add that one applicant cannot apply to receive credits from both Universal Credit and UK tax Credit. Applying for Universal Credit will automatically close an applicant out from receiving UK tax Credit.

It’s also important to note that there are several other types of benefits someone may be eligible to get and therefore it’s worth checking out more information about all these. There is a whole list of benefits and who can be eligible to get them on the Tax Credit governmental website. It’s also an interesting fact that someone can apply for Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit in the same time too.

You can apply either online or by sending in a filled out application form by mail. The application period can last up to 3-4 weeks, therefore it’s important to apply on time.